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On behalf of the Board of Directors of the above mentioned Theatre Group, I wish to send you our sincerest and warm greetings from West Africa and to further express our interest and willingness to participate in  your  festival 2014
Thus, it is our vision and desire to showcase and present our diverse and rich African Tradition and Cultural Heritage during your festival of cultural dances, arts, drama, folklore performances etc.
Our Theatre group which is comprised of several Theatre and Cultural groups representing the richness of our African Culture and Traditions from West Africa, is keen on showcase and depict art of making peace, love, friendship, brotherhood, conflict resolution, through the use of theatre, drama, arts and folklore dances.
We are committed to encouraging the development of folk dance, music, song, culture, stimulating international culture exchange, and establishing a viable forum for promising folk artists to demonstrate their talents, artistry and inspiration. We specialize in drama, folklore storytelling, accapella music, our repertoire is firmly rooted in the African traditional style using music, dance, drama, storytelling and other artistic forms of expression to present the diversely rich Traditional African Culture and Heritage.
The Theatre groups are both nationally, sub-regionally and internationally acclaimed – with scores of productions to their credit – and gradually establishing an international reputation through our affiliations and participation at international and regional events.
We shall be grateful, if we could be offered the opportunity of participating at your festival. We shall be ready  (35) Personnel, artists, dancers, musicians and officials.
Thus, we would be very delighted to receive your response and especially issuance of ACCEPTANCE On your response, we shall send you the names and details of the group including some materials of substaWhilst awaiting your response, I remain, yours in Peace, Friendship and Solidarity, Best regards as we hope to hear from you soon.
Best wishes of a Happy, Peaceful and Prosperous 2013-2014!!!
Best Regard
Rebeca  Mansaray
Refugee Cultural Group
Sierra  Leone

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