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SOMALILAND: Pipeland Construction CLOSED

Provision of Construction Services for the Completion of Main Distribution Pipeline between Geed Deeble and Hargeisa (Lot 1) , Hargeisa Urban Water Supply Upgrading Project (HUWSUP




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The United Nations Office at Nairobi (UNON) is seeking Expressions of Interest (EOI) from competent and qualified companies for the provision of water infrastructure construction services for the completion of the Main Distribution Pipeline between Geed Deeble and Hargeisa (Lot 1), under the Hargeisa Urban Water Supply Upgrading Project (HUWSUP). 

The work will take place in Hargeisa, Somaliland. The scope of the tender to be issued from the subject EOI comprises the completion of the main distribution pipeline (600mm DI) that connects the existing Chinese reservoir in Hargeisa to the new Geed Deeble Pumping Station (23km North of Hargeisa), in order to enhance the capacity of the system and accommodate a significant increase in the volume of water produced for Hargeisa City. The Lot 1 pipe installation and related civil works were completed by approximately 85% under a different Contract, and the present scope covers the completion of the remaining 15% of the pipeline works, as outlined below.



The scope includes, but is not limited to the following works:

 LOT 1:

- Installation of 600mm Ductile Iron (DI) pipe, c/w excavation, backfill material, compaction, pressure testing: 1.0km.

- Re-installation of already laid 600mm DI pipe, with adequate backfill material, compaction, pressure testing: 0.9km).

- Video Inspection of flooded pipe sections and wadi encasements: approx 1.0km. Cleaning of mud-filled sections as required.

- Construction of 4 wash-out (WO) chambers.

- Completion of 7 ongoing  chambers 4 WO, 2 Metering Chamber (MCH), 1 Wellfield Connection Chamber (WC).

- Finishing of 16 chambers (ladders, covers, manholes, etc.); all concrete works completed to standard

- Pressure Testing of 23 km main pipeline.

- Site clearing, disinfection, final testing and commissioning.

- Associated works.

 For the implementation of the Lot 1 works, the UN will provide the Contractor with required quantities of DI standard straight pipes (600mm), valves and fittings, covering all required materials to be laid. Any possible required unforeseen balance of materials is to be procured by the Contractor.

The UN reserves the right to split all services by Lots and/or packages. Additional details, specifications and terms of reference shall be provided in the tender document to be issued subsequent to this EOI.


Pre-qualification of Vendors:  In consideration of the criticality of the project, the UN shall undertake a mandatory prequalification exercise to establish a list of prequalified bidders for potential inclusion in the tender invitee list. To be considered for particpation in this tender, interested Contractors must submit sufficient detail responses to each of the criteria listed below, along with the EOI response form.  Failure to submit the required details per criterion with documentary evidence may be prejudicial to a Contractor's eligibility to participate in the subsequent related tender exercise, at the UN's sole discretion. 

a. Proven track record of operating in least developed and post conflict environments that have limited or no local resources. Attach a company profile demonstrating at least five (5) years of  experience operating in similar environments, of no more than two (2) pages. 

b. Experience as a prime Contractor in the construction of at least four (4) projects of similar scope and complexity over the last ten (10) years.  To comply with this requirement, projects cited should be at least 70% complete. Contractor must also attach a list and value of all Contracts successfully completed as the prime Contractor over this period including client contact details (company name, contact name, official email and phone number).  Certificates of Completion for the completed projects or employer/client progress reports for the ongoing ones must be provided by the Contractor (attached to EOI response form). For the purpose of this EOI, the expression "similar in scope and complexity" shall mean projects including at least one of the following characteristics:


• Pipe laying, installation and pressure testing of 10 kilometres or more of 600 mm or above diameter DI or similar pipes with mechanical components (valves, fittings, surge tanks, etc) for water supply (at least 2 Projects),

•Projects in remote locations and similar environments like the project area, in terms of road accessibility, logistics, power, water supply, security, accommodation, resources, access to materials and equipment, etc. (at least 1 Project).Mobilization of equipment and project personnel to remote locations in similar environments like the project area, in terms of road accessibility, logistics, power, water supply, security, accommodation, etc.

•Other relevant large public water supply or wastewater facilities with significant pipe laying components.

The Contractor must demonstrate the following with sufficient details: Registration certificate as a licensed contractor from a relevant body from the country of origin.  Registration can be with an institute, public works authority of governmental ministry, 


Please note that this REOI is not an invitation for submission of tenders. Its purpose is to identify companies that would be interested and eligible to participate in the solicitation when issued.  Companies interested in providing the above services should submit a completed Vendor Response Form including their pre-qualification documentation.  UNON will examine the outcome of this request for EOI and will consider those companies that have expressed their interest providing the required information as to their ability to fulfill the requirement. 

UNON reserves the right to change or cancel the requirement at any time during the EOI and/or solicitation process. Thus, submitting a reply to this Request for EOI does not automatically guarantee your company will be considered for receipt of the solicitation when issued.  Vendors that are deemed qualified upon completion of an objective evaluation of their EOI submission will receive the final tender solicitation documents.


For further details you may contact with AFROTURK BUSINESS COUNCIL managers or Margaret Muchuku with a copy to,  Tel: +254 20 7624030  Fax: +254 20 762 3211/4198








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