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Yazar: ENGLISH LANGUAGE |  Tarih: 30 / 01 / 2013

African Union is celebrating her 50th anniversary in 2013 and themes of this Golden Jubilee is PanAfricanism & Africa Reneissance.

First of lets look at these two impressive terms one by one.

AU is already a unity which has been created on PanAfricanism ideology. It is based on the belief that unity is vital to economic, social and political progress and aims to “unify and uplift” people of African descent. The ideology asserts that the fates of all African peoples and countries are intertwined. At its core Pan-Africanism is “a belief that African peoples, both on the continent and in the Diaspora, share not merely a common history, but a common destiny. Therefore “ Diaspora “ and “ Nation” terms must be evaluated mutualy.

According to me African diaspora’s population is not less than population of Africa. Morover well educated brain population of diaspora is more than Africans inside. So, the potantial brain force and lobbying power which required for development of Africa is outside. Even African diaspora’s potential is more and stronger than others. Numberless Africans are working at top levels of world universities, corporate managements and bureucracy. Well but why that power of diaspora can not show expecting support for development of Africa?

We may find the answer in Turkey.

70s Turkey was as same as most of African countries in current time. Turkish youth were going to foreign countries when they obtain the first opportunity, because of terrorism, bad governance and economical problems. Ones who success to place in foreign countries were not coming back. It was exactly a real brain and capital immigration. Turkey lived big crisis in past 30 years but always rescued with support of Turkish diaspora. Their protected, even strengthen “nation” approach while living far from homeland, was effective. In early 2000s reverse brain and capital immigration began. It was the reason of reaction against bad politics of Eu and USA’s on Turkey and opened doors to diaspora. Today’s Turkey is obviously one of world leader countries. So, Turkish diaspora’s positive contribution have a great portion here.

Therefore African diaspora should;  take as Turkey’s model, have nation approach purified from racism, share it’s efforts into two parts between it’s own benefits and for Africa and also AU leaders must develop a smart strategy for maximum evaluation of potential of this well educated precious diaspora.

A United diaspora on better Africa mission is the real salvation of Africa. The first rule of the consensus is to acquire dialog culture instead of demagogy which lost acceptability in global world. Continent’s people desire peace and development; not conflict. They absolutely support unity of diaspora which owned dialoque culture. Furthermore this miracle support have sufficient power to end the mistakes of army, government and foreigners.

Consequently; diaspora, nation approach, dialogue and harmonisation is the Formula of 2013-PanAfricanism.

The establishment of development model is the nest step of PanAfricanist ideology which innovated herself with this Formula. The second thematic of year 2013; Africa Reneissance accentuates about this.

Devloped countries make serious preperations for a new global economy model which will change all knowns. The name is this new global systematic is Low Carbon Economy. AU leaders are oftently talking about sustainable development but this term is just one conceptional meaning of this new age economy model. The conversations of African leaders about concepts instead of understanding the new global model better is causing only production of words and meaningless agreements concerning the ceoncepts.

Old model’s one rule is valid in new one too. A powerless economy can not solve it’s problems. Powerfull economy means an economy which grows via producing it’s own intellectual capital aggregation. Talking about sustainability is possible only for this kind of growing economy.

Besides an economy which lives with foreign aids or investments can never find permanent solutions against it’s problems and render it’s growing sustainable.

Low Carbon Economy model determined the rules of sustainability. Year 2020 is the start point of this new global economy model and beginning of these rules. Nothing will be same like before. Creditation, debt, aid and investments rules are changed too. If African leaders don’t understand or immediately begin required prperations fort his new global economy approach then Africa either will be worthless or totaly capitulate by imperial mechanism of new system. But if opposite, Africa will give direction to world with her free economical power and self-control.

In this point of view both two themetics of year 2012 must be evaluated.

Diaspora have a big duty to fall on Africa’s integration to Low Carbon Economy. Diaspora student unions which are ral soul of PanAfricanism ideology must undertake immediately for this critical transformation.

Serdar Manga

31 January 2013




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1 - MAKOTA ROCKY 01/09/2013

Nous sommes pres a vous soutenır comme tout AFRICAINS quı a choısı la turquıe comme sa deuxıeme patrıe. Nous voulons aussı etre de membres pour partıcıper dans vos projets de developpements pour l'Afrıque. RDCongo. VIVE L'AFRICA!!!

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