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C2C means Commercial transactions between companies. Obviously this service is open only for AfroTurk members who are eligible for international trade. So only AfroTurk members who involve in international trade business can issue their own product and/or business offers here. Besides these offers can be only from African or Turkic states or origin companies. This service is coordinating by AfroTurk Country Managers Committee and C2C coordinators are responsible for due dilligence of service users, validity of offers and connecting companies. All finished deals are subject of a little service fee according to agreement between parties and coordinators.

We prefered to issue this service with global trading language, english. But you will be able to see Turkish and other languages at Entrance page's front products section due to spesific country targets.

Currently we categorised the sectors and sub pages according to fresh FCOs from members. Therefore we kindly advice you to check these categories and segments oftenly.

Global Compact Rules are the main law set of this service. We can have Trust or Escrow agency role if parties request from us.

Please do not hesitate to send us your offers which will be issued immediately by us after a short due dilligence research.


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